4 Travel Tips to Remember When Planning a New Orleans Vacation


You’ve spent weeks planning the perfect getaway. Maybe it’s your first time, or maybe this is your annual Mardi Gras ritual. Either way, do yourself a favor and keep in mind a few travel conveniences that are sure to make your stay just a little more relaxing. Leave the fine details to the professionals, so you can spend more time enjoying live jazz and oysters on the half shell. It’s vacation – you deserve it!


Let someone else deal with your luggage.

You just arrived at your destination, and you’re anxious to get right to the main event, whether it’s a conference, festival, cruise, or just exploring the city at your leisure. But what to do with that heavy roller bag? It won’t fair well on the bumpy streets of the French Quarter, we’ll tell you that much. Instead of weighing yourself down with a week’s worth of clothing, remember to book a courier service like Advance Checkin. They’ll pick up your luggage at the airport or cruise terminal for you, and deliver your bags right to your hotel, so you can get to the fun stuff hassle-free. And on your last day in NOLA, they’ll pick up your bags from your hotel and bring them right to the airport, giving you enough time to enjoy one more order of beignets. Call in advance to make your reservation so you don’t have to worry about a thing once your plane hits the pavement.


Schedule an airport pickup in advance.

You may not know this yet, but the airport is quite a ways from downtown New Orleans – well beyond the scope of public transportation. Sure, you can hail a cab or call an Uber. But why wait the extra 20 minutes? You’re on vaca, so treat yourself! Especially for late-night arrivals, calling in advance and scheduling an airport pick-up will be safer, faster, and more convenient. If you’re feeling fancy, make it a stretch limo. Call Audubon Limousine before take-off, and they’ll be there to greet you when you land.


Rent the stroller when you get there.

Maybe you have a special attachment to your stroller, or really enjoy getting that extra workout lugging it around the airport. But for everyone else traveling with little ones, we recommend traveling light and renting the stroller when you arrive. New Orleans Rental Services is right in the French Quarter, walking distance from many hotels, and offers plenty of strollers to choose from.


No kids? Rent a bike. It’s the best way to wind your way around the Quarter when traffic is at a standstill.


Leave the planning to the pros.

You’re 24 hours into your New Orleans vacation. You’ve had a Hurricane at Pat O’Brien’s, beignets at Café Du Monde, and accidentally joined a Second Line for a few minutes (sorry, newlyweds!). Now what? If you’re having trouble deciding between the plantations, bayou boat excursion, or historic walking tour, stop into one of the many New Orleans Visitors Centers on Decatur Street in the French Quarter, and let someone else figure it all out for you. With some assistance, we promise you’ll be able to fit it all in. Or most of it, anyway.


Once you stop worrying about the logistics of traveling and stressing about seeing everything on your list, you can go back to enjoying the fun stuff. Like weighing the pros and cons of a Fishbowl vs. a Hand Grenade (you’ll see what we mean), or picking out the perfect Mardi Gras mask. Have a relaxing trip!